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Flexi-Brick.  The Thin Brick Veneer Brick facing system. Our thin brick veneer system is compared to faux brick in believability About Flexi-Brick, brick facing, brick veneer and more! Contact Flexi-Brick Frequently Asked Questions About Flexi-Brick thin brick veneer systems How to purchase Flexi-Brick
Flexi-Brick Installation.  Learn how easy it is to install our thin brick veneer system.
Chimney Enclosures
1.: Traditional: Our traditional chimney enclosures arrive preassembled and are ready for installation. Note: traditional chimney enclosures are made with either 1” or 2” rigid polystyrene depending on size.
  The Flexi-Brick premium Chimney Enclosure is designed for professional installation over existing masonry chimneys or existing metal enclosures as long as the existing chimney or pipe is structurally sound. For metal pipes an adjustable flashing is required.

There is not a better solution for replacing your old, tired chimney than a Flexi-Brick Premium Chimney Enclosure.

To find a qualified installer in your area, click here (remember to include your state and zip code in your email), or call 1-866-298-4383.

2.: Finger-Lock: Our Finger-Lock Chimney enclosures arrive unassembled with all sides separate. This allows the installer to install one side at a time. Finger-Lock chimneys can be used for both small chimneys (19x19x48) and very large chimneys (example: 48x48x120).
Note: all Finger-Lock chimneys are made with 2” rigid polystyrene.